👋🏿Hey. I’m Javon.
I’m a developer and designer living and working in Philadelphia.
For a living I work with businesses to solve tough problems through web development best practices, straightforward design, and clear communication. I've been consulting since 2014.
Check out my professional projects at shuttleport.io →

Side Projects

Things I work on for the love of the game. If they sound interesting to you, give them a spin and let me know what you think.
music tool, web app
Search any musical artist and find their 5 most popular songs and videos.
productivity tool, mobile app
Make time for the habits you want to build.
music tool, mobile app
Calculate the Beats Per Minute (BPM) or tempo of a song by simply tapping your screen.


music, vaporwave, ep
5 song vaporwave EP.
music, ambient, ep
5 song ambient EP.
My name is Javon Harper.
For a living I design, prototype, test, build and deliver web and mobile applications. I run a web and mobile app consultancy called Shuttleport.
I'm obsessed with music and create experimental electronic music and hip-hop on my Soundcloud .
I also dabble in digital 3D art-- check out my Instagram to see a taste.